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Wrangler is the everyday performance denim brand. Since the dawn of Wrangler denim, our inspiration and guide has been real life experience; we believe that clothing should be designed to fit the needs of the people wearing it.

This has been true since Wrangler was launch in 1947 in Greensboro, North Carolina, on a platform of innovation and an idea to create the best-possible jean, jacket and shirt for cowboys. Wrangler have added special features designed to add functionality to jeans; flat rivets that wouldn’t scratch your saddle, watch pockets, felled seams for a more comfortable cowboy ride and 7 belt loops rather than the usual 5.
Functional design details still remain vital today, but adapted to modern looks and needs. Now, jeans are worn by millions of people every day; and Wrangler are still totally committed to improving the everyday functionality of their jeans and therefore making a huge and positive difference to those lives.

Wrangler’s ground-breaking innovative platform, Denim Performance, started with their understanding of what is needed from a pair of jeans in the 21st Century; jeans that keep you warm in winter, keep you cool in summer, stay dry and, just as they did in 1947, jeans that keep your pocket watch safe – only now most pocket watches make calls and surf the internet.

All just as durable, authentic and stylish as you would expect from Wrangler.

Prem Clothing are authorised stockists of Wrangler jeans in Hull.