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Dr Martens

Dr Martens

Dr. Martens is a British footwear brand.

The first Dr. Martens boots in the United Kingdom came out on 1 April 1960 (known as style 1460 and still in production today), with an eight-eyelet Ox Blood Smooth leather design. Originally Dr. Martens were made in their Cobbs Lane factory (which is still working today). In addition, a number of shoe manufacturers in the Northamptonshire area also produced DM's under license, as long as they passed quality standards. They were popular among workers such as postmen, police officers and factory workers. By the early 1970s, skinheads started wearing them, and by the late 1980s, they were popular among scooter riders, punks, some New Wave musicians, and members of other youth subcultures. They also became very popular in the 1990s as grunge fashion made its rise to fame.

The comfort of the Dr Martens 1460s is also sublime, coming in most part from the fantastic AirWair sole. This air-cushioned sole is present in all Dr Martens items and gives the wearer an oil and fat resistant outsole that is both tough and comfy.  

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